A Space for All Events - Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa:

If you are presuming that the best of your team could be accomplished by tasking teammates with endless targets, you are certainly not on the right side of the run! Restricting teammates within the space of your corporate chamber will make the workload seem a heavy strain to your colleagues.

Nevertheless, a small modification in the daily routine of your corporate calendar can yield huge gains in terms of team performance.

In addition, to get the best out of your team you must take them for an adventurous group excursion here we are going to embark on a corporate outing in South India's luxurious retreats. We promise, you and your colleagues will enjoy visiting each one of them.

The rich, green and thick settings of the resort will definitely amaze all of you with a rundown of exciting and audacious activities. When you enter into the resort, you can absorb yourself into wilderness, nature walk, spa visit and many other fun activities. Definitely, it's one of the most amazing team outing places in Coorg.

At Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa, we provide space for everyone and any kind of occasion or event. With ample, spacious halls and luxurious spaces, you can host or accommodate any formal meeting, conference, team outings and exhibitions. The most spacious and top notch facilities like meeting rooms, banquet halls, conference rooms in Coorg are exclusively present at Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa.

A Space for All Events - Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa OR Kumarakom Lake Resorts - Paul John Hotels and Resorts

Corporate Events:

Are you looking for resorts for team outings near Bangalore? Then Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa is the place to be! Glam up those company meetings, team outings, conferences and exhibitions with our sophisticated spaces. The Conference Hall stretches over 2000 sq ft entails its own exclusive entrance, highly furnished with ultra-modern communication systems. There are modern projector amenities, audio-visual accessories and availability of any other technical requirements that you might need.

A Space for All Events - Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa OR Kumarakom Lake Resorts - Paul John Hotels and Resorts

Our Grand Ballroom offers stupendous pillar less space that stretches over 3500 sq ft, 18 ft high majestic roof that accommodates around 400 guests. You can also customize the seating arrangements according to your personal preferences. From conferences, seminars, exhibitions, dealer meetings, training sessions or interviews, private parties or gala dinners, and more; we at Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa understand your needs and our team will ensure that the facilities are customized to your liking, so you have smooth, undisturbed meetings at our resort.

Whether it's for a corporate meeting or a leisure activity, choose our resort as we provide highly modern and technically well-equipped spaces for your company's important events.

Weddings & Functions:

When it comes to weddings, everything has to be perfect. From the accommodations, the food to the tiniest of details has to be beyond ordinary. And that's why we want you to choose us for your big day, as we at Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa want you to have the fairytale wedding of your dreams.

The Grand Ballroom has been a gracious location for all wedding celebrations. Be it a massive wedding or an intimate wedding, the ample space and luxurious interiors provide the perfect set up for celebrating this important day in your lives.

A Space for All Events - Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa OR Kumarakom Lake Resorts - Paul John Hotels and Resorts

Our Conference Hall which spreads over 2000 sq ft also makes for the perfect ambience for your important day, as it has the capacity to house large crowds and gatherings.

So come to Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa and start this new chapter of your life, as you surround yourself with Coorg's wilderness, luxury and the blessings of your family and loved ones.

A Space for All Events - Kumarakom Lake Resort:

What better approach to revel in a corporate trip than in a luxurious property, relishing the considerable number of extravagances in the serene lakeside town of Kumarakom. It is among the most wonderful resorts near Kerala where you with your team can direct different improvement and team building exercises. Have a fun play session with mates in the infinity pool or engage in a serene yet enjoyable team workout at the Ayurmana Wellness Centre. Alternatively indulge in coastal delicacies and vegetarian dishes.

The spotless and calm backdrop, with far-seeing blues and lotus ponds shining underneath the turquoise blue waters is an immaculate lakes cape to take those long strolls. Other activities that your team can enjoy our are traditional pottery making and south Indian Kerala dance ritual and other amazing activities to watch and feast on!

Make it an experience like none other at your offsite team building escape and reward your teammates that will become lifelong memories.

If you're looking for the best resort for corporate outings, then head to Kumarakom Lake Resort and be enchanted by the luminous Vembanad lake, serene Kerala backwaters and the majestic beauty of God's Own Country. Engage yourself in important office meetings during the day and later unwind in tranquil atmosphere of Kumarakom.

Corporate Meetings:

Taking a break from the mundane lifestyle and residing in an environment that helps you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, Kumarakom Lake Resort offers ample space for personal and business activities. The Conference Hall is properly furnished with top-notch communication systems and presentation amenities. At Kumarakom Lake Resort, the conference hall has various seating styles that accommodates different groups of people.

While the 'U-shape' seating style facilitates 60 guests, the 'Double U' seating style can have around 120 guests. The 'Cluster' seating style facilitates 80 people, the Board Room can have around 68 people, the 'Class Room' seating style also accommodates 120 people.

Our maximum capacity ranges to 180 people is our 'Theatre' seating style arrangement. After 'Theatre' our 'Buffet' seating style and 'Cocktail Reception' seating style can accommodate around 150 people. From all these options, you can select your choice of seating style that caters to your company meeting groups.

A Space for All Events - Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa OR Kumarakom Lake Resorts - Paul John Hotels and Resorts

Weddings & Functions:

Outdoor venues, colourful palettes and flowers galore - what's not to love about springtime weddings? If you are in the work of planning your own spring celebrations, you've come to the right place. We have pulled together a mix of real weddings and styles shoots packed with unique details you won't find plastered on Pinterest.

A Space for All Events - Coorg Wilderness Resort and Spa OR Kumarakom Lake Resorts - Paul John Hotels and Resorts

With picturesque backdrop of gorgeous Vembanad lake, regal houseboats unique to Kerala and serene Kerala backwaters, Kumarakom Lake Resort offers picture perfect setting for your big day. This is why Kumarakom Lake Resort is nothing short of a paradise on earth.

There are so many ways to celebrate this special day at the resort - the poolside venue near the Vembanad lake can house upto 70 round table seating and 100 guests. If you desire a unique experience, then our traditional houseboats nestled on the backwaters which holds around 60 people, is ideal space for you.

If you wish for something simple and wholesome then the deck of the Vembanad restaurant that accommodates 42 guests, is perfect space for you. If you want a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, then the banquet hall which houses 150 guests is right choice for you. If you wish for an open space for your big day, then the exotic main lawn is an ideal location for a grand celebration as it holds up to 150 to 250 guests.

Come and be a part of a unique, romantic experience that stays with you for eternity at Kumarakom Lake Resort. Be it a vital company meeting or the celebration of exchanging vows, Kumarakom Lake Resort presents tailor-made spaces that fulfils all your requirements.

From pastels to vibrant colors, here is our Kumarakom Lake Resort offering you spaces and scenic backdrops that are better than Pinterest pins! Spark your inspiration today by pre-booking your vis-à-vis at our properties.